iTech-RAR Solutions, Inc. adopts a three-pronged IT strategy based on existing core competencies: Business Process and System Analysis, IT Savvy, and Engineering and Communications Infrastructure.

Through and around these we focus all our energies, expand on, and leave a positive mark to all internal and external stakeholders. iTech-RAR Solutions, Inc. shall bring Line of Business Solutions (LOB) specifically to Local Government Units, Real Estate Developers, Schools, Cooperatives and Lending companies. Our LOB Solutions are a total solution package that includes accounting, supply chain and distribution, service level management, security, and communications.

iTech-RAR Solutions, Inc. shall also specialize in providing BPO clients high quality IT Resources through its IT manpower and skills outsourcing, and through the development of mini IT centres / satellite offices to be located strategically in an IT Village/Subdivision in suburban communities complete with amenities and recreation facilities to promote healthy living and great lifestyle. We design this outsourced, sustainable IT centre within the subdivision / village so that we shall bring IT job opportunities to village homeowners and residents. In this way, their cost of living is low because they don’t have to commute to work and they have other options of recreation as well other than vices and after-work hangouts


Connecting People, Connecting Homes, Connecting Businesses through Fiber Optics, Techno-green and Other Innoventive Solutions.


We advocate and adhere to Professional Integrity, Professional Excellence and Professional Honor and Conduct in all our dealings with our employees, with our clients, and with all other stakeholders of the company.


iTech-RAR Solutions, Inc. aims to become one of the market leaders for Fiber Optics, Solar Panels, and Other Techno-green and Innoventive Solutions that will help People, Homes and Businesses Connect, Grow and Sustain.


  • Fiber Optics System Design,Consultation, Training and Installation.
  • Line of Business Solutions for the Local Government Units, Real Estate
    Developers, Schools, Cooperatives, Lending and Financing Companies for
    their accounting, management, operations, supply chain and distribution,
    and customer satisfaction management.
  • Outsourced IT manpower skilled specifically on programming, networking, computer maintenance, software disaster prevention and recovery, and any other IT related activities.
  • Outsourced IT services such as but not limited to website development and management, programming, software and business applications maintenance, and any other IT related services.
  • Development of mini IT centers located in a suburban village/subdivision that lease offices/desks to export IT clients where employees and staff also reside inside the village.
  • Architectural Services Outsourcing



Engr. Andres I. Ralota Jr.

President, CEO

Renerio C. Baya, CPA

External Affairs

Joan L. Ralota

General Manager

Mary Carmina Alchivar

Admin & Account Head

Robecar C. Ylagan

Admin & Accounting Head -FTDH

Reesa Mae I. Diego

Billing and Collection In-Charg -FTDH

Jenalyn Baldomero

Admin and Accounting Staff


Rommel L. Pelausa

Operations Head Network
and Software Solutions

Jeneline V. Ferrer

Software Applications and Development - Team Lead

Joshua J. Ferrer

Software Applications and Development - Team Lead

Joshua Jeffrey Yapching

Web Developer

Journey M. Dagoc

Web Developer

Kenneth B. Hicks

Visual Graphics Design


Engr. Emmanuel C. Lomboy

Operations Head - FTDH

Reynante M. Maneja

Assistant Head - FTDH

Erwin Sienes


Ralph Ryan Abella

Fiber Optics Technician - FTDH Tisa

Julito Jumamoy Jr,

Project Team Lead - Deca Tower Muntinlupa

Roysun P. Cañas

Project Team Lead - FTDH Pavia

Angelbert Ponce

Fiber Optics Technician Lead - FTDH Campville

Jayson T. Maquiling

Assistant Team Lead - FTDH Pavia

Paul Vincent Valiente

Systems Admin Support - FTDH Tisa

Oriel Ortiz

Systems Admin Support - FTDH Tisa

Mark Kevin Camotes

Systems Admin Support - FTDH Tipolo

Aljhun Bumaya

Systems Admin Support - FTDH Tipolo

Abnier Dionson

Fiber Optics Technician - FTDH Campville

Dave Cristobal

Fiber Optics Technician - FTDH Campville

Mark Oliver Peralta

Fiber Optics Technician - Deca Tower Muntinlupa

Alejandro Satinitigan

Fiber Optics Technician - FTDH Pavia

Grace Zamora

FTDH Services Officer - FTDH Tisa

Melkris L. Biglang-awa

FTDH Services Officer - FTDH Tipolo

Andrea-Lyn Alcantara

FTDH Services Officer - FTDH Campville